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Identifying a town-planning strategy for Pian Scairolo, the main commercial-industrial area of the urban conglomeration of Lugano with a view to developing an attractive modern business loop.

After the positive experiences of the international town-planning competition for the Cornaredo district in 2004 (for a progress report on the work carried out to date, please visit www.cornaredo.ch), the Town of Lugano is launching a competition along with the communes of Barbengo, Collina d'Oro and Grancia and the regional spatial planning department (Dipartimento del territorio) to replan the largest commercial-industrial urban area of Canton Ticino, which currently provides over 5,000 jobs with a turnover of more than one billion Swiss francs.

The urban conglomeration of Lugano is among the largest economic urban centres in Switzerland. With this competition it aims to identify an innovative concept for what is to become a hub of economic development in the Ticino region.

The competition procedure, with 14 interdisciplinary teams invited to the main phase, ended with the jury's evaluation on June 17th, 2008 and the award ceremony on September 5th, 2008. The 14 projects are presented in the virtual exhibition area.

The local authorities have decided at the beginning of 2009 to carry on the winning project for an intermunicipal planning process based on the Green SKYrolo Masterplan.

In March 2012 the “Intermunicipal «Pian Scairolo» planning commission” (Commissione intercomunale per la pianificazione del Pian Scairolo CIPPS) has sent to the regional spatial planning Department (Dipartimento del territorio) the project (Piano di indirizzo) for the preliminary examination, issued by the Department in October 2012. In July 2013 took place the public information referred to the planning proposal examined in advance by the spatial planning Department (Dipartimento del territorio).

In October 2014 the Municipal resolutions were made available and they were addressed to Municipal Councils in order to permit the new intermunicipal «Pian Scairolo» Master Plan (nuovo Piano regolatore intercomunale del Pian Scairolo PR-CIPPS) to be adopted.

The public announcement of the inter-municipal planning of the Pian Scairolo (PR-CIPPS) was launched in December 2016.

Arial photo of the project area